November 27, 2018
Hot Migrations

As we mentioned yesterday, the public cloud is not always the ideal destination for your workloads, particularly for legacy workloads that are sitting in a virtualized environment on-premises today. The effort and risk involved in such a move is significant, and a failed migration can hurt the business and threaten any future cloud initiatives.

The answer, then, is a low-risk “lift and shift” to a virtualized private cloud environment where your critical on-premises workloads can move with little to no downtime or impact to their performance. OVHcloudTM achieves this through a process called “hot migration” to our Hosted Private Cloud.

Hot migration is the process of moving an active workload from one data center to another. There are a few scenarios where hot migration would be applicable, but the most popular include extending or replacing a data center or implementing a disaster recovery plan. Using a VMware®technology called HCX, we are able to move a Virtual Machine (VM) from one data center to another without losing connectivity, resulting in little to no downtime or data loss.

The process is remarkably simple. If you’re virtualized on VMware®today and have in-house VMware®skills, you’ll speak the same language as our support team. There is little to no discovery needed, because the source and destination should be “like-for-like.” HCX manages the secure migration of workloads and provides a network connection between data centers via a Layer 2 stretch. In a process similar to live vMotion, the target VM appears in the destination data center without losing its state, connectivity or context. After the memory and CPU are fully synchronized, the new VM takes over. 

The results for our customers are impressive – in five weeks, one customer moved over 300TB worth of VMs, a timeframe that included planning, installation, replication and switchover. In one day, they increased the amount of data transferred between two data centers to 23TB, around a TB per hour. Another customer moved more than 200TB from their data center – spread over 750 VMs – with zero downtime.

Hot migration to the OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud using HCX is a great first step towards cloud computing – it is low-risk, relying on the tools and technology that VMware® customers are used to, and it gives organizations the resilience, high availability, and accessibility of the cloud for legacy applications that would be expensive and difficult to rewrite or refactor for the public cloud. OVHcloud has years of experience supporting these migration projects.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at a successful migration project we ran with one of our customers – Baylor University, who had a seamless transition to our Hosted Private Cloud.

Take a look at our Hosted Private Cloud solution, and chat or request a call from one of our representatives here.